Monday, November 16, 2009

Shimric BeachFarm Resort wins award....

We have just been notified by the Davao Gulf Foundation (through Mr.James D. Lumanog-ESI Project Assistant) in coordination with WWF that we won an award as the " BEST ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY PRACTICES AWARD-Tourism Category"

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Do you know the scientific name of this tree? Locally it is known or called Palwahan and it grows fast along riverbanks

Malibago or "Hibiscus tiliaceus" for shoreline and riverbank protection

Malibago roots act as biologic gabion along the banks of Talomo river thus preventing erosion.
Over- pruned malibago trees by villagers. Note the burning of twigs and leaves by weekend fishermen who have no concern with the environment whatsoever.

In spite of nature's havoc on the shoreline, malibago still standas tall.

malibago roots protect further shoreline erosion

Standing tall

Still surviving instead of its roots being exposed.

Again, standing tall.

Roots soften wave action and slow down erosion.... hopefully the next time around, the sea will return the sand it has taken.

Some trees have not been lucky, its branches have been cut for firewood purposes

Riverbank protection.

Eroded roots of malibago used as post along shorlines.

Exposed roots of malibago from wave action during habagat.

The following pictures of malibago ( Hibiscus tiliaceus ) trees show how sturdy these trees are in shoreline protection against wave erosion and riverbank protection.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What they say about tamanu oil


Be among the first to enjoy the benefits of Tamanu oil – a Polynesian beauty secret known for promoting healthy looking and lustrous skin. This oil give the skin a soothing effect and helps keep the skin smooth and plump. It can be used all over the body and face and helps improve the appearance of nails/cuticles/hair/body/face and feet.

35 years ago, Lauren sailed into Bora Bora after diving the South Pacific. Her skin was a mess – coral scratched, dry and scaly from too much sun. that night a local gave Lauren her “healing oil” to try. Next morning every blemish was gone – vanished! Her scaly-burnt skin was smooth and plump again. She had been looking for it ever since and finally found it – Tamanu Oil!

Elizabeth Arden Tamanu Hydrating Sugar Scrub – a gentle exfoliator and skin softener for feet and legs formulated with Tamanu oil. Tamanu oil has been used for centuries for its remarkable skin care benefits, including sealing in essential moisture, calming troubled skin and minimizing the visible sign of aging.

The oil of Tamanu offers relief for common skin problems and has demonstrated significant benefit in hospital setting as a first aid treatment in cases of serious burns.

Amazing Tamanu Oil is a traditional organic skin care remedy unsurpassed by an fancy, modern-day cream and lotions and ITS ALL NATURAL! (Houston, Texas 4/06/2008 05:27PM GMT)

Friday, October 30, 2009


Just transferred my blog from Tamanu oil to Shimric.............

Friday, October 30, 2009
What's in malibago?
The current devastation in Manila tells us how fragile our environment is. For the past 15 years we have been using and advocating the planting of trees along shorelines and river banks.

Malibago is an exceptional tree..... its rooting system is like a biological gabion.... Really terrific! See picture above and marvel art how the roots have stabilized the river bank

Watch for my incoming pictures on how the "lowly malibago" has "changed" the landscape at Shimric Beachfarm Resort, Talomo, Davao City Philippines.......... See you soon........
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In the beginning.....

This blog in a way chronicles the evolution of Shimric BeachFarm Resort and how the trees, espicially malibago helped transform a barren landscape to what it is now..... a forest by the sea within the heart of the city.