Saturday, November 14, 2009

Malibago or "Hibiscus tiliaceus" for shoreline and riverbank protection

Malibago roots act as biologic gabion along the banks of Talomo river thus preventing erosion.
Over- pruned malibago trees by villagers. Note the burning of twigs and leaves by weekend fishermen who have no concern with the environment whatsoever.

In spite of nature's havoc on the shoreline, malibago still standas tall.

malibago roots protect further shoreline erosion

Standing tall

Still surviving instead of its roots being exposed.

Again, standing tall.

Roots soften wave action and slow down erosion.... hopefully the next time around, the sea will return the sand it has taken.

Some trees have not been lucky, its branches have been cut for firewood purposes

Riverbank protection.

Eroded roots of malibago used as post along shorlines.

Exposed roots of malibago from wave action during habagat.

The following pictures of malibago ( Hibiscus tiliaceus ) trees show how sturdy these trees are in shoreline protection against wave erosion and riverbank protection.

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